The way ahead at Orsay House:

Currently Orsay House is closed, as we await further guidance from the Government regarding when B&Bs can re-open for business.

Islay is generally known for it’s friendliness and for offering a warm welcome to visitors from near and far. Even when the current restrictions start to be lifted, for the well-being of residents and visitors alike, please DO NOT travel to Islay if any of your party has suspected COVID19 symptoms.

In the unfortunate event that your hosts at Orsay House become ill and need to self-isolate at home, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation, possibly at very short notice. A full refund will be offered in these circumstances.

Protecting your well-being

Whether you are considering making a new reservation, or wondering if you should keep an existing reservation, rest assured that guest safety and well-being is uppermost in our minds at this uncertain time.

During the initial stages of the relaxation of lock-down rules, we will limit our bookings to ensure that your party are the only guests at Orsay House for the duration of your stay. For parties of just two guests at this time, it may be possible by arrangement to have breakfast upstairs rather than in the breakfast kitchen.

As the situation becomes clearer and the risk of infection lessens, this ‘one party’ policy may be relaxed, in which case this page will be amended accordingly. Once we return to accepting up to two parties at a time (across our 3 guest rooms), please note that staggered breakfast times may be necessary to facilitate suitable distancing from other guests.

We have always been careful to follow meticulous cleaning procedures to safeguard our guests’ comfort, safety, and well-being while they stay with us. But now, with the increased public awareness about the personal risk of coronavirus infection, we have redoubled our efforts to ensure that you can come here with the absolute assurance that maintaining and protecting your health is taken very seriously by us at Orsay House.

Here is a summary of our cleaning policies. This is not an exhaustive list but it does highlight the process we will follow to ensure every room is thoroughly cleaned after each guest turnover as well as activities that enhance the safety of guests throughout their stay.

  • Replace all bed linens and pillowcases after EVERY guest. (Guests staying more than 4 days will also have their linen and pillowcases changed during their stay.)

  • Clean and sanitise all cups, glasses, and mugs, (whether used or not) in a high-temp dishwasher after EVERY guest.

  • Replace every washcloth, every hand and bath towel (whether used or not) after EVERY guest.

  • Replace bathrobes after EVERY guest.

  • Disinfect every ‘touch surface’ in the room, including handles, doorknobs, light switches, taps, tables & remote controls after EVERY guest.

  • Disinfect bathtubs, shower cubicles, sinks, toilets, and taps after EVERY guest stay.

  • For environmental reasons we recently switched away from single use water bottles to refillable glass bottles however, we have now reverted to providing water in SEALED WATER BOTTLES in each room for your convenience.

  • Quality toiletries are packaged in pump containers. These containers’ surfaces are sanitised after EVERY guest stay.

  • Multiple snacks, including tea, coffee and biscuits, have always been provided. Now all snacks are items that come in sealed packages and replenished daily. The hospitality tray will be replaced after EVERY guest stay. Additional items will be freely available on request.

  • Provide hand-sanitiser in public areas.

  • Frequently disinfect every touch-surface in common areas including doorknobs; handles; bannisters; with sanitiser available nearby also so individual guests can sanitise any of these touch points during their stay.

  • Breakfast is prepared by the owners who follow strict hygiene procedures.

  • All breakfast crockery and utensils will be cleaned in in a high-temp dishwasher after EVERY service.

  • All touch points and touch surfaces in the breakfast room will be cleaned and sanitised after EVERY service.

Revised Cancellation policy

With these temporary cancellation terms, we hope to give you the confidence to book a stay at Orsay House  with the full assurance that if the situation does not improve or deteriorates and you are not comfortable with a visit to our B&B, you will suffer no penalties or cancellation fees.

This guest friendly cancellation policy will continue for at least the next three months.

To provide full confidence in any booking at Orsay House B&B. The following features and stipulations will apply:

  1. Please don’t ask or expect a refund of your non-refundable deposit. This COVID-19 pandemic has wrought a major depletion of our cash reserves.

  2. We will however do the next best thing and issue a credit for the full total of payments of deposits applied to any booking.

  3. This credit will be usable without blackout dates or restrictions but subject to availability, as credit for any future stay at our B&B. It comes with an eighteen month expiration date from the date of your cancelled booking.

  4. When you re-book your stay with the COVID-19 related credit, we will not require any further deposit or payment prior to your stay with us.



We will continue to follow the daily developments of the coronavirus situation, following government advice, and will  provide an update whenever appropriate.



For Clarification on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.




last updated 25th May 2020

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