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The way ahead at Orsay House:

We are pleased to say that we are fully open for business.

Both Gary and Ali have had all available doses and booster doses of the covid vaccine

In order to help protect our guests, community  and ourselves there will be a number of changes to the way we have to operate, these are quite minor and should not impact your enjoyment during your stay.  

Your room will become exclusively 'your space' and we will not enter it unless there is a problem. The hospitality tray will be well stocked for the duration of your stay and additional items will be readily available.

Islay is generally known for it’s friendliness and for offering a warm welcome to visitors from near and far.

For the well-being of residents and visitors alike, please DO NOT travel to Islay if any of your party has suspected COVID19 symptoms. 

The Island is open for business but please expect to see some minor limitations on popular attractions such as Distilleries. Currently restaurants do need to be booked in advance so if there is anywhere in particular that you want to eat, we would recommend booking ahead (even before you arrive on the island). If you need any advice or suggestions we are happy to give you our unbiased recommendations.


Our commitment to you

  • We have a safe hygiene policy in place

  • Follow Government Guidelines

  • Make sure that you have a wonderful time on our stunning Islands

Now, here is what we ask from you in return

  • Please only visit if you are not showing any symptoms of Covid-19

  • If somewhere is busy, call back later

  • Book in advance where possible

  • Utilise our knowledge and use locals for their produce, supporting local enterprises

  • Pay contactless wherever possible

  • Enjoy our beautiful island and come back again year after year


last updated 5th Jan 2023

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